Buying planes again after renewals

Every time we renew do we have to purchase all the planes over again

Hi, what exactly do you mean by renew? Just guessing what you meant, if you have live plus and it expires, the planes you previously purchased should remain accessible to you while those you haven’t purchased should not.


No we don’t need to. 👍

Renew what? Live subscription?

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@Jamal_Turner If your talking about Live+, then all the aircraft that you haven’t purchased before you subscribed will still have to be purchased after it finishes. Live+ does not give you all regions or aircraft permanently.
Also if you mean by purchasing Live+ again, then you will have to pay full price with no exceptions.

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I renewed my game play for another month found out I lost all my purchases or should I say I paid for a new month

Was your previous one a 1 year subscription

Guess I won’t be being all the airplanes this time unless I do I yearly subscription

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Yup wats the difference from month to month and the yearly for aircrafts

Hello Jamal, hope you’re having a wonderful day, live plus lasts for exactly 365 days and comes with all aircraft and regions in infinite flight, if you bought any aircraft or regions before you purchased live plus once the subscription expires you will only have the regions and aircraft you bought before hand, if you would like to have all aircraft and regions once more you must pay fifty usd$ and you will have acess to those features again, best regards.


Hey Jamal, Thanks for contacting support!

A one month live subscription does not include all aircraft and regions, only the ones you have individually bought. Live+ includes all aircraft and regions for the duration of the 12 months, but when the subscription expires you will only have access to the aircraft and regions you have bought separately. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

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