Buying Model Aircraft

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Hi guys, for all you who collect model aircraft this is for you.

Firstly, if any of you go and look on websites such as ebay you can sometimes see people doubling what the model is worth as the airline may have gone bust. I saw a PPC Holland been sold for £40 when it was avaliable irl for £12. So always, i stress always look around for the cheaper models of that kind as it may just be the same or even better.

Secondly, know what space you have to put them. Dont go and buy 10 1/100 A380 models if u dont have room All serious though, anyone know where to get one? . Advice is for a new collector is start with any 1/200 from Skymarks or 1/400 from Gemini. Premier Planes and Herpa are also a shout.

Thirdly, buy them from a trusted online retailer. Im not saying, not buy from ebay or a shop but if u buy online make sure they are trusted and you have an invoice sent to you so you know what you have brought.

Finally, follow the companies and retailers accounts on different platforms to see what is getting released and when. Like, skymarks other BA retro liveries (Landor and Negus 747 1/200 scale and BEA A319 1/150 arrived on 31st August) so keep an eye out.

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