Buying London airport or Caribbean airport with one?

I’m confused I don’t know with one to buy helped me please and any advice for other airport will be welcome thanks .

  • London
  • Caribbean

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Do you want to see rolling dark green crop circles? PICK LONDON

Do you want to see sea that doesn’t cease for miles? PICK CARIBBEAN


Do you love land … London
Do you love water … Caribbean


I like island jopping using small planes from small airports, do I’d go with Carribbean. If you’re the type to fly airliners up to 30,000 ft. between major airports, buy London. Itms possible in Carribbean (TNCM-TFFR, TFFR-TAPA, TNCM-TAPA) but there are less options.


With one have the long distance between two airport ??? And beauties

Go to IF Map and see which is bigger.

If you want a place full of ATC but less busy compared to SoCal, London
If you want an place where there is no ATC and nearly no players to do anything, Carabeen

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Caribbean is my pick. Mountain sights, evening time, slow plane, big map. It works marvelously

Thanks you guys all for your comments but exactly I was so excited to buy all of the 2 airport I own right now

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