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So my live subscription ends on the 4th and I was just going to buy a year if live plus but I keep thinking should I buy it or wait till global flight comes out because I don’t want to waste money and I have to pay for global flight so what should I do?


I recommend buying Live+, but I don’t think Global Fight will have to be an In-app Purchase item.


Live plus is strongly recommended. But the decision is yours :)


Live+ is cheaper then buying monthly I was too unsure about buying it but its worth every penny


Go with live+, the best offering right now.

Although I have no insider info, I suspect that live+ subscription holders would be offered favourable pricing for global flight when it is launched.

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If the devs continue what they are doing, Global Flight will probably be included in live+


Most likely or it will be creeper I personally think global flight will come with live+ and regular live but with regular it will have restrictions on how far you can fly sort of thing

I think regular will not come with it, but also the devs have spoken about this alot. Lets not get carried away offtopic, all they have been saying is “we dont know.” But idk hopefully we figure out soon

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Yea back on topic I suggest you buy live+ for the time being it will probably be useful when global comes out

Global Flight just allows all the regions to be accesed on one server this will therefore most likely not be a added cost as its just allowing you to fly to each one :)

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How much is tax on Infinite Flight Live+

Plus tax??

I’m not sure I don’t think it shows that, I live in the UK so I just pay what it says which is £34 on the App Store

Live + is way worth it. Plus we don’t know what global will cost.

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