Buying Live Flight Horizon? (Closed Poll)

I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Live Flight Horizon for some time. It is hesitating because it is $2 a month, which is a lot per month. Here’s a poll to decide if I should subscribe. I have decided to buy LIVE FLIGHT HORIZON! [poll]

  • Subscribe to Live Flight Horizon
  • Don’t subscribe to Live Flight Horizon

If you have the money available I would definitely subscribe. It’s only 1 dollar a month, and you get a lot of amazing features.

Do you mean it’s $1.99 a month?

Oh yeah I just realized my mistake. Sorry about that. Cam offers a 3 day LiveFlight Horizon free trial if you want to try it out.

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You can cancel the payment at any time for the first three days, not just a free trial

Thanks for subscribing - hope you enjoy it!

I try and keep it cheap, $2 is less than the price of a “premium” (if you can even call it that) Starbucks coffee, and it helps me cover my costs. You can cancel at anytime, however, if purchased via the website, you get 3 days until your card is charged so you can try it out and cancel without paying if you’re not fully happy.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. A few exclusive Horizon features are coming for the iOS app too, so keep an eye out for that ;-)


I have not subscribed yet actually

You must not pay for health insurance, or you live in Canada. $1.99/month is a bargain if you’re a frequent flyer on IF.


I’m a little confused… So what do I need to use live flight horizon…do I need a tablet or an iPad or a laptop, And what do I get for subscribing to it… I currently use two Android tablets to play IF one to fly on and the other for infinite tracker… I also noticed you said there are exclusive add-ons coming for iOS… Should I make that leap to iOS?.. Any Input would be great… Thx in advance!

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You can use LiveFlight Horizon on any device that can access the web version or the iOS version. You’ll have access to global airport info, search, downloadable KML files and no-ads on any device, and interactive airport charts and the globe view on iOS.

I’ll be bringing some of the iOS features to the web version soon, including new icons and interactive airport charts - you can try this on your Android device, if you prefer :)

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Thanks a bunch!! I’ll try it on Android first


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