Buying IF subscription without google?

Hello, is there a way to buy an IF subscription directly, i.e without google? Would I be able to pay you guys directly and you link the subscription to my account? I am degoogling due to Google being horrible in terms of privacy, and I can’t get an IF subscription without paying via google. (I already have the app itself.)

As far as I’m aware, subscriptions are handled through the relative online store (i.e play store and app store).

I wouldn’t worry about security: I’ve been subscribed for years and never had any issues, but I understand the point about the money not all going directly. Perhaps it’s something the team will consider in the future.

I would wait on a moderator to give you an official answer though, there may be some other way 🤷

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Hey @Lewis_M - saw your PM about the same question.

@Dan_77 is correct. For the time being, subscriptions can only be purchased via the respective stores.

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