Buying IF for someone

Hi guys I was wondering if I can buy someone a plane or region or live + by logging into their account and buying it for them but they are actually in another country. Is that possible? Or does it get downloaded only in my device.
Thanks for the help

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Is this how you keep your IFFG girlfriends then? haha

Gifting IAPs isn’t currently possible unless you have access to their account (only the app can be gifted, that’s handled by the App Store though)


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Your funny LOL I have no comment on this one hahahah

That’s what’s am trying to say if I have their username and password can I buy it using my device and they can download it on their device once I pay for it?

As long as the store account ID is exactly the same on both devices, then yes you can download and install any purchases made with that same account ID.

Thanks David!

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I do!! Lol