Buying another sub on another phone

Hi so I was gonna buy another sub on my other different phone with the same Apple ID that I use on my main phone it also has subscription for IF but when I try to buy on the other phone with a new email it won’t let me ? Do I have to switch apple ID’s? Help

Pretty sure you can’t be signed into the same Apple ID if you want to get the app. In that case you’d be downloading it twice on the same Apple ID.

Oh :/ I gotta make a new Apple ID then?

You should be fine on one. I did the same thing with my iPad. All you need to do is go in “recently purchased” and redownload Infinite Flight. Then once you open Infinite Flight, it should ask you to sign in and then your subscription will appear

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Will try to do it now if ur wondering I’m doing this for a video :))) thank you in advance hopefully it works

It doesn’t work it says no subscription found on this account ? Help

Can anyone help? Please I’m tryna buy 2 subs with one account of Apple ID but this happens when I try to do so

I’m confused. Are you trying to buy a new subscription as well?

Because of App Store limitations (based on your Apple ID) you won’t be able to purchase multiple subscriptions.

He should be able to access his original subscription, correct? He would need a new Apple ID to purchase a new subscription.

But he didn’t want his original subscription. He wants another sub on the other device. If it’s the same Apple ID it won’t be possible.

Oooooo okay thanks for clarifying ! I wanted to purchase two subscriptions with one Apple ID and you know Spawn in an airport both accounts together

Do I have to rebuy the game again?

On a different Apple ID, yes

You can install it using the same ID I assume just use a different Apple ID to get the new subscription.

just sign into your IF account on the game no matter what device

But the thing pops up saying No sub found in this whenever I try to login

and use cloud

I have already logged out of everything on my other phone

I mean use the same Apple ID to buy the app and then sign out once you have done that then use another Apple ID to subscribe. Can’t you do that?