Buying an Airplane

Hello Community,
Over the past couple years, I have been flying a Cessna 172 (N5194F) around the state of Arkansas where I live. After getting my PPL and working on my insturment rating, my parents and I discussed about buying a family airplane for us to fly and to take trips in. Recently, a friend of mine messaged me about an airplane that he owns that his dad is selling because he needs something bigger. So finally being an aircraft owner may come sooner than anticipated and I’m ready for the challenges it comes with
Fill free to ask questions below


That is really cool. Do you know what plane is it?

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what plane?

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I do. Nothing is ever set in stone so this is just a big maybe ATM.

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Get a 172 RG!

Haha. I’ve flown those. There nice but not a fan of the gear swing.

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We would love to hear about it, but when it becomes a certainty. I could also become an aircraft owner tomorrow, who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️