Buying a region today, which one?

Today I’m buying a region. Which one should I buy?

London or Amsterdam are definitly worth it. Lots of big airports

Seattle. Started there 20 months ago, and haven’t left.

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Amsterdam is free


I´d buy Denver or London

London and The Caribbean
London: Lots of large airports. Decent traffic.
Caribbean: Lots of extreme appraches. St Maarten, St Bart’s, and Saba

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Denver- mountains are a challenge.

@Delta_Virtual… Max Sez. What is your primary aircraft Lukas? Each Region offers unique options. My favorite for GA is Seattle, Trash Hauling Hawaii.


Love doing that. We should get together sometime and do a flight in the “D”.

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I love the mountains and the enormous volcanoes in Seattle. Coastlines are beautiful and a flight up the Columbia Gorge is scenic and relaxing. And I am still finding new gems.

Well what regions have you purchased? What is it you look for in a region?

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Loving London useally gets busy with advance ATC

Get Denver!

I wish I could possibly de-buy SoCal. Even that it’s free, it’s like an ad 😂. I would say Hawaii, but I’m not sure if it is free or not because i have live +

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Hawaii definitely. Got that before Live+, and it was worth it. Long flights, can great scenery (mts., ocean, etc.)

Seattle is one of the best! Lots and lots and lots of airports! It has beautiful mountainous senery! It also has many real life flight experiences awaiting your arrival!

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