Buy tickets in a VA

Hello, there are a lot of VAs which are “selling” flight tickets. How does it work? I mean I can’t just get in a plane in IF

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Theres a lot of VAs which have booking system and will send you like an email ticket conforming your reservation. It’s pretty realistic. Then you can track them on LiveFlight or another app to watch them fly the route you picked


Yes, but how do I fly? It’s like you sell a ticket for a cruise when you are a fireman (just an example)


It’s just for “pretend” I guess. You “purchase” a ticket and prentend to board your flight. Kind of like a role play game.


You cant per say fly with them in the plane that they are flying as a passenger but you can track the flight like a passenger. You can follow them I guess or track it on LiveFlight. Other than that I dont know how else you would do it

Have a look at this, it shows you some VAs that have an option to book:

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If we combine the ticket selling with this…

…we may have a winner 😉


WOW virtual has a “How does Virtual Airline Booking Work” page on there website-

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