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I was wondering how I can buy a subscription for more than a month because when I try to renew I only get the option for 1 month and my intention is to buy the 6 month one.


Are you using an iOS or Android device?

on Android

I believe that the option for 6 and 12 month options was removed after one of the updates last year

Standby for a few minutes, please. I know on iOS, you can do the 6 months or 1 year options in the App Store. I’m looking to see if android offers the same thing.

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When you open the play store, click on your profile icon, tap “payments & subscriptions”, subscriptions, and then on Infinite Flight. Are there options to managing subscriptions on there?

Yeah I was just looking at that so I can buy a 6 month subscription.

What I don’t know is if you can buy a 1-year subscription on Android

But thanks I was able to buy my 6 month subscription :)

Oh great! How did you end up getting it to work? That could be a great thing to share for future reference 😊

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You have to go to payment and play store subscriptions after subscriptions and there you get that you can renew your subscription.

There is also another case like mine, which is that you had the subscription paused so that you are not charged when the subscription runs out, and all you have to do is click the resume button.

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Sweet! I’m glad it worked out, and thanks for the tutorial for other android users in the future!

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