Buy Live+ or wait for Global Flight?

I really don’t know what to do when my current Live expires in couple weeks.
So, should I get live+ or wait for Global flight to come?

  • Wait for Global
  • Buy Live+

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Get Live + I’m sure global will be part of the price, I renewed mine a few weeks ago


Im sure it will get carried on


Yea they haven’t released what sort of pricing will be in order but I bet live+ will have a discount or something

Get Live+. Who knows when global comes out!


Buy Live+

It may end up being a grandfather situation if we’re lucky.


Get Live plus NOW. Because when global comes out the price of live+ will be higher. If you have Live+ they cannot just remove the live+ so they will give u global flight too.


From all we know Live+ may get those who have it Global. In the long run that’s only if. It may not come with global.

Global Flight is part of Live+ and I guess global flight will more expansive, so better buy Live+ first before price increased.

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Hopefully it covers it for free.

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Go ahead and buy Live + now.

Thanks guys! I will propably get Live then.

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I’m currently waiting for global and only have €5 left. After global comes out I will buy another €15 itunescash and buy one of the 787 and new york region or hawaiian region.

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