Buy an airline livery, not an aircraft

The developers should know that VAs are pretty popular, and I think that their are plenty of people who could care less about liveries, and be fine with just one. Say you buy just the Air France livery, I would price it at the 4.99, for this you unlock the A318, A319, A320, 767, 777-200ER, 777-200F 777-300ER, and 787-10, plus any new aircraft updated to include Air France livery i.e. A330. To unlock the full livery set on the other aircraft I would make it still cost 4.99.


Nice request this is how I chose what plane I want but this would be very complicated so this can happen just not soon.
Just saying


Prices would seriously not be cheap.


That is actually a very good idea…

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The point is people who buy one livery, would not go buy more planes, as a business model, it may be a good idea to offer my idea, because it would get people to make purchases who wouldn’t normally, because one aircraft isn’t enough for them at the 4.99 price point.

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Ok, but what if we wanted to buy all the liveries on one aircraft still, kinda like we have now? Would we be able to still do that?

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Yes, it would be another fee though, maybe less money though like 3.99

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I have to disagree with this idea…

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I would LOVE the idea if IF contained every real world livery for every current aircraft, which unfortunately they don’t. It would’ve been a great concept from the start, but I feel it may be too late (due to already existent liveries and newly released aircraft etc). People have, for example, already paid for new aircraft like the Dash 8, A320 and B787.

This is however a good concept, but I think it’s better solved in the present time by the devs just updating the livery catalogue a considerable amount.

I’ve been suggesting, after global release, a team to be created, like the airport development team, to update all the wanted / missing liveries in a professional manner. This update could simply be pushed for free, or in terms of your request, a very small fee of like $4.99 to get an extra 50 (or whatever) new liveries.

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No, I disagree completely. You are still getting the aircraft. So maybe 0.99 for the livery and 1.99 for the aircraft, then.


I don’t really like it:-(

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Nice Feature request!

This is a good idea, but different liveries have a different price. For Example, V Atlantic shall be around $2

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May I ask why you think this?

I think this because of the fact that some airlines included with infinite flight have a smaller amount of liveries than the other. For example, Air France>avianca

Pay $4.99 for southwest and all you get is the Southwest 737-700 and 737-800 😁


Yes, they could sell packages like an American livery package or a Qantas livery package and keep the liveries they already have on the aircraft as free liveries.

i like the concept of giving the user some simple design tools or options to configure their own personalized livery. kinda of like paying for new skins being made available as part of your design package. this is just for the livery design, and not about adding a third engine on each wing! That way you can personalize that name of your aircraft (Jim & Joan Airways), together with standard stripes, colors, formats that are out there today… And if you have a special request, you may even be able to send your picture/design to the official IF design team, and for an additional fee, they can add that into your design package.

can only dream! ;)

I agree with you my friend 👍 but I think 4.99$ too much for liveries ! I think 1.99$ it’s enough for liveries and good price isn’t it?

I love this idea! Especially because it would probably bring in more money for FDS. Also, it might encourage people to just buy Live+ instead.