Buy All Planes or All Regions?

So, I’m thinking of just buying all the planes I don’t have so I can experience it all, but I also really want to participate in all the events, but we know that global flight is coming out now. Then again, it could take a few years.
[EDIT] I don’t want to buy Live + because it is too much money [poll public=true]

  • All Planes
  • All Regions

Neither,Buy Live +


It depends. If you want to fly with others always, choose Live+ as said by @Boodz_G.


Better yet, buy Live+ and get all planes AND all regions for a fraction of the cost.

All planes… Because Global flight is comming!

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Really? How much less would it be if I bought live + than buying all the planes and regions separately?

I believe all planes + regions is over $200, Live+ is $50 per year. Live+ is also $10 cheaper than buying 12 individual months of live. So it’s a great deal.

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I would really recommend Live+

Sweet, I’ll look into it

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