Как buy a subscription not in Google play

This is a sore subject for the Russian community, but how else can you buy a subscription in the game when payment through Google play is blocked and at the same time that cards for payment work

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Hello and welcome to the community! I will try to list the main payment options:

In the App Store, the only payment method now is debiting the required amount from the phone number. To do this, you need to link the payment in your profile settings, confirm the number, select it as the main one. Ideally, remove payment by any cards. If a payment error occurs, try to resolve the issue directly with a representative of your mobile operator (Tele2 does not pay by phone).

In Google Play, you can now buy a subscription only from abroad. All payment methods do not work (only if you have not saved the payment method by phone number). There is still a theoretical possibility to pay via UnionPay cards, but we could not try.
If other options do not suit you: look for trusted foreign friends, then find a way to transfer money to them. They need to pay from your account while in another country with a card that is available for payment in his country. Any country is needed, except Russia and mainly the entire CIS (payment from cards of Central Asian countries, for example Uzbekistan, is possible)

You can also ask them to buy a gift card, but the purchase and activation is possible in specific countries, which again they should do. And in general, this method is rather unreliable, a paid foreign gift card may not work for payments from Russia.

My main payment method is App Store and my phone number. I hope I helped you!

No, I meant is it possible to pay for a subscription differently through the site or VK or somewhere else?

Hi, Evgeni_21,

Unfortunately the only place you can purchase a subscription for pro in IF is in IF. There is no third party processing for IF (in terms of the website, VK, etc.) except for the App Store or Play Store.

Here is the link to the IF subscriptions page. I hope it can be of some assistance to you.

I’d advise getting a gift card. That’s how I paid for mine. :)

Have a good one!


how do you get gift cards ? I am having the same problem for the last 3 months earlier I used to pay through my mobile operator billing but now that even is not working, the same is happening for the purchase of other apps,

I clicked on the link that you threw, but it still throws it on Google play again, and as you know, it is blocked in our region

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