Buttons on the wrong side

sorry if this has been covered, but the search results didnt match really my problem. I got a new phone running Marshmallow 6.0. Since then the autopilot buttons are on the wrong side.

Is there a way to get my autopilot buttons back in the right position?

Thanks for helping

The phone version is like that, although my layout is likr a tablets.


Small screen so the buttons move left to not make the buttons small.

Yes that’s true. The butttons’ layout depends on your device

Well, my screen is bigger than the one of my old device. Its actually a phablet

Maybe change screen resolution. It all depends on how IF think of your device.

How do I do that?

Graphics settings🔃.

On some devices it is like that. Not sure if it can be changed. It works better for people with phones anyway, the buttons that way aren’t all cramped up.

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Sorry. I cant find any button which looks like it going to do what I want. But thnks for the tip

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This is perfectly normal!😄

(Yes it’s already been said but why the heck not say it again)

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Wow, never knew they are sometimes located differently. Absolutely used to this way.

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