Buttons Not Appearing

The buttons are not showing everything is crazy help me. My phone is an LG Optimus L5 II

If you are not new to game,you should know that the buttons will disappear if you don’t use them,and if you touch the screen,they will be back.maybe the touch sensor bugs,not the game

Something similar happened to me this afternoon.
I’m using an iPad 4.
I was flying in the NY region in Live mode when I decided to enable the Hide status bar option in the Settings.
It worked, but soon after turned that option off (it was a strange feeling not to know what the aircraft was doing). Now the status bar was invisible. I could click on it but I couldn’t see it.
Took me some minutes of turning the option on and off before all turned back to normality…

Very strange,never saw that before,i used the game on both ipad 2 and 2 air,from ios 4.3 till now but this is somthing else 😶