Buttons are too small in-game

Button is too small in 1920×1080 display.
Please fix it

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What button specifically?

Which button are you referring to? Looks like the buttons everyone else has.


Unfortunately I don’t think you can change the size of the buttons.

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All control buttons(A/P.

Buy an iPad…

Really, nothing much else to do.


The size is consistent with what everyone else is experiencing. You can try changing the resolution setting from inside of the Infinite Flight settings itself and see if that changes anything but I am not sure. The screen shot looks normal.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the default buttons. they will stick to there like glue

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If you own a Samsung phone try putting the game into fullscreen mode on the navigation panel. It makes these buttons bigger.

I believe at this stage it is not possible to change the sizes of the buttons, for me the buttons are fine, on Ipad and Iphone.


If you want bigger buttons, you can help by voting here. Right now, its not a technical problem. Its the default (and only) setting.

There’s no possible way you can change the size of the buttons, just use a larger device.

Okay, first of all, you have to include reasons for your feature request other than ‘just fix it’.

The devs usually change something if it seems like enough people have a problem, but because it only partains to you, it sounds personal.

Maybe when’s you get a larger device your problem will be fixed by itself.

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