Button issue with the update

I have a 7inch tablet which had sizable buttons before the update but after it the buttons took configuration of a 10 inch tablet i suppose and now the buttons are very small.is there a way to reset them back to normal!?please help

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@Florian_Duchaine did you fix yours!?

Details please, device name, size, screen resolution, a picture of the issue would help as well.


image I’ll send more pictures if need be…device neon smart tab android 7 inch

Are those two from the same device?

Yes thats before and after the update pictures

Oh okay, have you modified anything in the display settings of your device? Anything related to display size, font size, etc…

Also, do you have a Live account?


I have the same issue. Samsung Galaxy S4-8 Tablet

Yes just bought one today i couldnt use though due to the small buttons couldnt communicate with atc…was afraid of being ghosted

What’s your callsign?

Nope i haven’t modified anything but let me confirm

I was using etihad…let me check please

Please do the following:

  • Restart the app
  • Wait for the app to log in
  • Go in the Settings Page
  • Tap on “Enter Diagnostics Mode”
  • Tap on OK
  • Exit the app (Kill it with the task or window manager)
  • Launch the app
  • Wait for login
  • Go in the settings page
  • Tap on “Send Log”

Report here. Thanks!

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Air berlin 921

Okay give me sometime like 5-10 min please am using the same device to text you

Also, the Yoke is hard to tell if it is up, down, or neutral, since I no longer have that grey silhouette behind it.

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I did it as you instructed.is it done perfectly or should i repeat!?

Is this your device?


Yes thats my device