Buttery A330 crosswind landing at Malé

Flight information:
Hong Kong to Malé, in the beautiful Maldives
6 hours in the Airbus A330-300

An 18 knot crosswind was gusting at Malé Airport, but this did not keep me from making a buttery smooth landing. The main landing gear grazed the runway as a perfectly timed de-crab maneuver aligned the A330 with the centerline. The nose wheel was smoothly flown all the way down to the runway, and rudder correction was applied to maintain the centerline.

Gentle braking action was applied, as the aircraft needed to roll to the very end of the 10,000 foot runway and turn around in order to backtrack to the ramp.

Hope you enjoyed! I was proud of this landing lol


damn smooth. whats the vs?

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I am not sure the exact amount, seems around 100 fpm

hopefully someone doesnt ruin it by “you F L O A T E D” (anyway its still a smooth landing)

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100ft or -100ft

Smooth Landing
Good job!

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butter landing of the year

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Thanks 😊 it was within the touchdown zone so I’m not concerned

I don’t get why people don’t like the a330. You can butter all day with it.

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Nice! Love the little rudder inputs aswell

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Very true, A330 seems to produce very smooth landings in IF and in real life. The aircraft does need a full rework though, I noticed it was not able to cruise as high as Simbrief said it should have for the flight length.

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i agree. It takes more effort to get to the crusing altitude

Wow you FLOATED!

Lol @GameBoy_KIRB