Buttering the Boeing 717

This video was made with the sole pourpose of buttering the 717, ignoring every procedure, centerline, touchdown zone, etc!

idk, I just got bored and tried smth

We all know it, the 717 is impossible to butter no matter how hard you try… or is it?

I’m sharing here some butter landings I made with the 717 for absolutely no reason!

Server: Solo of course, no sub
Flight: A lot and at the same time none at all (all were set for final approach)


No, no, its not possible. I will have so much respect for you if what i see in the video is true to the title

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Good video, the topic title was interesting to say the least for me😂

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Trust me: It is but everything else is wrong

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Big claps to you, well done! 👏🏻

I have clearly been upstaged, prepare for my redemption in the near future. 😏

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w-what do you mean?

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Welcome to the 717 butter club my friend

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nice butter, the easiet aircrast to butter is a330.