Buttering at McConnell AFB

I am embarking on a huge IF world tour, and am roughly midway through the United States
portion of the tour.

This world tour is taking place on the Expert Server

This world tour started from KCLT/Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

I landed at KIAB roughly 10 minutes ago, so 0304Z.


Hello there I believe this belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category

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Fixed. Thanks

Mines made a stop in KCLT

Where did you start?

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It was KPHL-KCLT 752
and then KCLT-EDDM 359
AND KCLT-EDDM was the longest route out of my hole tour

I’m in the southern part of Asia right now

I’ll be in KOKC soon.

good luck and safe flying!

Do you got a route map

Yeah its in google earth tho

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I love your world tour , I hate when people jump across the world with five stops

This world tour is 102 legs in total. If you wanna join me for a leg or two, I’m always down to fly with somebody.

I’m down too if you want to join me also for my tour

Look soft but a little bit out of the centerline

Yeah I can never manage to nail it centerline. I believe there wee like 5kt+ winds at OKC when I landed so that may have thrown me off.

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You may use the rudder.That’s why it exists

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I am extending my world tour to include the infamous United “Island Hopper” flight series.

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