Buttered Landings - A Thread (Screenshots and Videos only)

This is a thread where people can post strictly videos and photos of smooth landings. There is a similar thread which people post FPM etc. but this thread is strictly for smooth landings you have performed by yourself in Infinite Flight only and they MUST be in video or photo format as to exclude it from being similar to other threads

As aviation enthusiasts, I’m sure everyone loves scrolling through some smooth landings, which can be very fun and interesting! I am surprised there is no existing thread such as this one so here it is:

Please read the following rules before posting:

  • Photos and/or videos must be from infinite flight
  • Real world smooth landings are not to be posted
  • Please do not show the HUD in the photos/videos
  • Any Aircraft can be used
  • Any Airport can be used
  • If a link is given for photos/videos it must be public

Any reply which goes against these rules will be immediately flagged

Happy Landings!


Please continue here

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This thread a is for videos of the landings, no the actual fpm. So i guess its not a dupe


He said no videos


Talking about the other thread


I don’t think I’ve seen a thread where videos of the landings are posted. This might be a good idea for a thread.


This is for in-game screenshots of the FPM, not IF Operations (which not everyone has). The thread you linked is also a ranking thread, but from what I understand this is just for people to post their butter landings.

So this can stay in my book, not a duplicate.


Okay, I have edited the 1st post, hope to see some smooth landings!

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To get back on topic, I was doing some patterns at Toulouse and then this happened

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Wow! That really was smooth, thanks for being the first person to post here! 10/10

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Looking forward to seeing many more smooth landings : )

-29 FPM.

Haha DC-10 go brrrr.

The landing felt smoother from the HUD view…


I really love that livery!

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Does anyone have any smooth landings to share after the beta release. I’d live to see them!

Just bumping this topic after 3 months

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Lol love it!

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Any more buttery smooth landings? Perhaps with the A333?

iCloud one I had

I am unable to view it