ButterBus to Chocolate Land

Flight Info:

Departure Airport: Dublin Airport (EIDW)
Arrival Airport: Geneva International Airport (LSGG)
Airline: Aer Lingus
Aircraft: A330-300 (EL-EIN) “St. Dallan”
Flight Time: 1 hour, 23 minutes
Server: Expert

Da butter bus rotating out of Dublin

Leaving Ireland behind, about to cross into Wales

Flight deck looking very flight-decky over the London area

I forgot to pick up some baguettes in France for @United403

Approaching Geneva over the Alps

Looking for a chocolate factory

Making a straight in for Runway 4

The butter machine doing what it does best

The landing was -33fpm maybe a little early

Trying to get to those chocolate factories ASAP

Pulling into the gate

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can you also bring me some Brie cheese and salami

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Only if you give me a bison half off.

Terrain is GLITCHED

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friends get bison for free

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Do I get bison free @United403?

perhaps maybe possibly

(tell me do bison taste nice?)

ive never eaten bison

It’s a deal.

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good doin business with ya 🤝


I still need business for that free bison.
I will also take JAC airport for free!

not me thinking chocolate land meant something else…💀


Can I get some cheeses fondue for by pet bison?


butter chocolates? 🧈🍫