ButterAllDay's YouTube Stream Tracking Thread (Live) Seattle to San Francisco (No gear landing challenge!)

Hey everybody. This is my stream tracking thread. Every stream I do I’ll link it in the replies. Every previous stream is linked up here so you can watch it anytime. I’ve done 1 stream so here’s the link. If you could like and subscribe that would be amazing! Thank you!


I’m going to make this a stream tracking thread so I don’t have to make a new topic every time.

Stream ended 30 minutes ago! If you want to watch it the video link is up there. After every stream that stream’s video link will be up there. I’ll probably be streaming again tomorrow around an hour earlier.

Hey everybody! I’m live and I’m doing Washington Dulles-Houston in a United A320! Please like and subscribe, that would be awesome. Thank you!

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If it doesn’t work, just press watch this video on YouTube and it’ll take you right to the livestream.

All done with the livestream, thanks to all who tuned in!

When will your next stream be? I couldn’t watch this one, I was in school.

I subscribed!

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@IF_Vamp Probably tomorrow maybe even tonight. I’m guessing tomorrow but I will tag you when I stream next.

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O.K thanks. One more question. Do you stream on weekends?

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Yes, of course!

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Cool! I’ll tune in on the weekend if you stream during your San Francisco flyout!

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Yeah, I’m for sure streaming that. Thanks!

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I was watching your stream and it cut out. What happened?

I ended it on purpose, I had to do something.

It’s back on now.

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Hey guys! I’m live! I’ll be doing San Jose-Miami-Atlanta! I will be using the American 737-800. Please like and subscribe, that would be amazing! Thank you!


I hope you guys can tune in!

Thanks everyone for tuning in! I’m now offline and arrived in Atlanta.

Hey guys! I’m doing Birmingham-Dubai. Some of the time I will probably be AFK as I’m spending time with my family. But for the next hour I will be chatting in the stream! Please like and subscribe, that would be amazing! Thank you!

Hey guys! I’m streaming again and doing Tokyo Narita-Atlanta. I am flying the Delta 787-8. Please like and subscribe. Thank you!