ButterAllDay's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hey everybody, I’m going to try to be IFATC. I will open up tonight or earlier probably, I appreciate it if you would come down!


Great to see so many people trying to become IFATC lately!


Once i land in Chile from LAX in a couple hours, maybe i can hop on!

Sorry guys, I had lots to do and completely forgot about this. I will be open shortly!

Hey everybody.

I’m opened at KFLL!

Departing runways 28L and 28R.
Landing runways 28L and 28R.
Pattern work welcome.
Airliners and GA welcomed!
Have fun!

I hope you guys can drop by for a bit.

Ok guys, I’m closing. Thank you all for coming and I hope to open tomorrow!

I’m opened!


  • Departing runway 31.

  • Landing runway 31.

  • Pattern work welcome.

  • The wind is 25 knots so be careful! I will switch airports if needed.

  • Have fun!

I hope you guys can come down for a bit!

Opened at?

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@TaipeiGuru Thanks for reminding me, I just changed the title. I’m opened at KLGA on TS.

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@TaipeiGuru A question, in your next pattern, do I still tell you to enter downwind and base?

Nope. Sequence (if necessary) and a clearance will do it. :)

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Ok, thanks! Will do that.

@TaipeiGuru I didn’t mean to tell you left downwind, sorry. I know that was the wrong thing.

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I know you are cooperating, I just sent that message for practice :)

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Lots of stuff to cover, so let’s get right into it.

  1. Pattern Work
    When you clear someone for takeoff and tell them to make left/right traffic, that counts as their pattern entry. You no longer have to tell them to enter downwind or base; just a sequence (if applicable) and a clearance will do. I heard you issuing pattern entries to @Menthesuphisth and myself, which were not necessary,

  2. Immediate Takeoff
    You cleared both Eman and Delta for immediate takeoff. There was no one who could have forced them to clear for immediate. Remember, it’s the pilot’s responsibility to maintain spacing. I was watching the entire time to make sure I wouldn’t turn early. :)

  3. Transition
    That was fine, nothing to say here.

  4. Inbound
    When I requested inbound, you ignored me and informed me to descend to pattern altitude. Good awareness on that part, but remember to respond to someone’s request instead of having them announce it twice.

  5. Clearance
    You cleared me for the option after I had requested landing. I assume this is also why you didn’t issue a runway exit command. Be sure to pay attention to what somebody is requesting, so that you can respond with the appropriate commands. :)

  6. Ground Work
    Probably just a mistap, but you told me to contact JFK ground. Be sure to send them the right frequency.

I think that with practice, you’ll get better. Keep opening, study the manual and put in effort. You’ll get there in no time if you do these things. Thanks for opening!


@TaipeiGuru Thank you for the feedback! And I will keep practicing :)


First of all success on your IFATC journey! Secondly I was N361LC, the pilot flying with a E170 (LOT). Hereby I will give you feedback on your controlling :-).

“I requested Taxi to RWY XX”, but that was not the correct request. It shoudl’ve been “Pushback”. As Ground you needed to correct me by Approving me to do a pushback. Therefore I requested again for a pushback.

For the tower I advise you to look at the YT video (which is shown below). For Immediate take off and the parttern work @TaipeiGuru already said everything…

I was in sending the whole time my position, because you did not clear me to the option/land. On my 2nd leg I was final and did not get any clearance, therefore had to Go around. You requested a R360 for spacing, but for what if I may ask? Cause I was still on leftdownwind, while Taipei was on left base. As for Delta, who of course did not listen, should have go around since Tai was still on the runway.
Same goes for me, you should’ve issued a go around cause I was too close to Delta.

Eventually I landed at JFK…


@Menthesuphisth Thank you! If possible, could you do one more pattern so I can practice that? If not, it’s ok. Thank you anyway!

@Menthesuphisth sorry, I decided to only use runway 22 and forgot to change it.

I am closed everybody, thank you to the people that came down! And I will work on the stuff you guys told me @TaipeiGuru and @Menthesuphisth. And I’m watching the tower video currently.