ButterAllDay Youtube Streaming Thread!

Hey everyone, I am currently live on Youtube! If you would like to do group flights or just chat about aviation here, you are more than welcome to. I will be posting whenever I go live here, I am currently live also. Please let me know if this needs a different category.

Current stream link: Infinite Flight Live: Split to Munich - Lufthansa - A320-200 - YouTube


I am now live on YouTube!

Link: Infinite Flight Live: Medan to Singapore - Singapore Airlines - A330-300 -

Cool! I look forward to viewing your content! I’m open to fly group flights if you are interested?

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Thanks! And yes, I can PM you on here whenever I plan to stream, that would be fun!

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Sounds good! Let me know!

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Hey everyone, I forgot to mention but I’m live for an overnight flight! I’m landing right now! Infinite Flight Live: Beijing to Vancouver - Hainan Airlines - A330-300 - YouTube

I am live for a flight from Boston to Charlotte!

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Thanks for stopping by! I was your ATC on today’s arrival :)


Thanks for the ATC! It made it a lot more fun, have a great night :)

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I am now live to test out the A330NEO!

I am now live for a fun Aspen approach!

I am now live for FlightSimExpo 2021! Make sure to stop by if you’d like!

I am live for a flight over the pond! Infinite Flight Live: Washington Dulles to Brussels - Brussels Airlines - A330-300 - YouTube