Butter575’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hi everyone! Here is my ATC tracking thread because I am considering taking the IFATC test in the near future and a few of my friends were telling me to create an ATC thread! If you would like to be tagged feel free to reply below or dm me! I will take any type of feedback

First Session:
Server: Training
Frequency: Ground & Tower
Runways: 31L/31R for arrivals & departures
Status: CLOSED

Hope you can join me!


Hey, unfortunately I can’t make the one right now. Feel free to tag me next time tho ;)

Alright sounds good!

Sorry if I saw this sooner I would have gone there but I am now in route to Boise

Next Session
Server: Training
Frequency: Ground & Tower
Runways: 10L/10R for arrivals & departures
Status: CLOSED

Focusing on General Aviation/Military

@United403 @Mxrzy @Avaitor1

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Landing in 14 as an Spirit a320

Roger that

10L/10R are in use

You still open?

Yes I am on right now

I’m 8 minutes out

I’m flying in from SLC

Feedback 8R-AFA

  • You cleared me to land when I was remaining in the pattern, should have cleared me for the option since I’m doing touch and goes.

  • Sequence everyone who is in the pattern, that way they’ll know who they’re following and they can keep their respective separation.

  • Extending F-LIER downwind was unnecessary, there wasn’t any conflict, every pilot is in charge of keeping their separation, don’t worry. Just sequence and clear everyone with their respective numbers.

-No exit runway, try to send the exit runway command on time.



Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated

That is very appreciated for both of us

Just took off from SLC ETA:57

I just landed I’m going to respawn and probably do some pattern work

Feedback F-LIER:

-First Lap:

  • As Rafael said my extend downwind was not necessary. A sequence does just fine for the job (which I did not receive)

  • Did not get a clearance even after calling final which resulted in a go-around

-Second Lap:

  • It is always better to give someone the traffic direction of the runway they are on. In my case, I was on 10R so right traffic would’ve been better than the left traffic command I received. It wasn’t wrong, but just something to consider as there was plenty of room for me to make a right traffic pattern.

  • No clearance again after calling final, resulting in another go-around

Thank you!

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@Butter575 ETA is about 23 minutes

Mention me when u open again hope i can help you ;)

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