Butter575’s 2022 Flight Log

As 2022 comes to a close, I thought it would be a cool idea to create a personal flight log of all the flights I have done this year. The table below includes the airlines, aircrafts, routes and so much more. I also linked all of the trip reports at the bottom so you can check out the flights with ratings, pictures and more!

Airline Flight Number Aircraft Route Date
United Airlines UA1158 777-300ER LAX-HNL 08APR22
United Airlines UA1636 757-200 HNL-LAX 15APR22
Alaska Airlines AS1097 A320 LAX-IAD 22MAY22
United Airlines UA1214 737-800 IAD-LAX 28MAY22
Southwest Airlines WN2395 737-700 LAX-SJC 10AUG22
Southwest Airlines WN2579 737-700 SJC-LAX 14AUG23
Southwest Airlines WN1701 737-700 LAX-SJC 22OCT22
Southwest Airlines WN2029 737-700 SJC-LAX 23OCT22

Note: The last two flights have not been completed yet

United flight 1158

Alaska flight 1097

United flight 2124

Southwest 2579

Southwest 1701

Southwest 2029

Note: Some flights don’t have a trip report because I could not find it or I never made one.

Thanks for viewing!


Here is mine then

Airline Flight Number Aircraft Route Date
Japan Airlines JL61 777-346ER LAX-NRT 11JUN22
Japan Airlines JL707 787-9 NRT-BKK 12JUN22
Japan Airlines JL708 787-9 BKK-NRT 15AUG22
Japan Airlines JL61 777-346ER NRT-LAX 15AUG22
Delta DL2730 A321-271NX(NEO) LAX-SEA 17DEC22
Delta DL908 737-932ER SEA-LAX 19DEC22
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You had a lot of short trips to San Jose! That’s impressive! You’ve also got a LOT of 737s! I’m surprised that I only have one Finnair flight as it is my home airline and that I have more Boeing that Airbus flights

Here is mine. I haven’t done much traveling this year. I also included the first leg of my upcoming trip.

Airline Flight Number Aircraft Route Date
Ryanair FR3793 B737-800 LPP-BGY 13MAY22
Ryanair FR3792 B737 MAX-8-200 BGY-LPP 16MAY22
Finnair AY131 A350-900 HEL-SIN 6AUG22
Qantas QF36 A330-300 SIN-MEL 6AUG22
Qantas QF1516 B737-800 MEL-CBR 7AUG22
REX Airlines ZL6116 Saab 340 MYA-SYD 28DEC22

In case you were wondering, the flight from HEL to SIN departs at 0:15, so technically it was the 5th.

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Nice, we’re the landings hard?

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Not really. I was sitting in the first 7 rows for the trips so it wasn’t bad. On the return, my cousin said it was a hard landing. He was sitting in the back

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