Butter With ease at Los Angeles, a Realistic Airport event @ KLAX - 281900ZJUL18

Welcome to this Fun Fly-In event on IF!


About this event:

  1. We welcome the whole community to take part in some fun flying from anywhere in the South West Of USA to KLAX on the Expert Server, where many of you can do some formation flying in aircraft of your own choice.

  2. This means that to participate in this event, you will need to be Grade 3 or above, where we know that you are fully confident in the rules of flying, especially if you are going to fly in formation.

  3. If you want to participate we will be arriving at KLAX at 1900Z where you can depart from anywhere in the World in your favourite aircraft.

  4. For those of you who like to fly in formation, will be able to participate in a landing competition to show off your skills as a pilot.

  5. For those who like to fly singly, you will also be able to participate in seeing the stunning scenery is the south West of the USA.

  6. If you want to be apart of this event sign up below by putting your Callsign, route and aircraft! You wont regret a minute!

The Following NOTAMS are:

  1. No mistreating other players, as it is on the Expert Server.
  2. Have Fun.
  3. Follow all instructions given by @Cjthew91 and @Gliding_Central

Formation Flying competition: will be marked on the following:

  1. The smoothness of the landing will score a maximum of 10 marks. The harder the landing the lower the mark.

  2. The presentation of the landing by your team. The most well presented will be given 20 Marks and the least well presented will get a lower mark.

  3. You will then finally be marked in your approach to the airport and how you are able to cope to fly an approach as a team. 10 marks will be awarded if the team is able to overcome the challenge of sticking in a tight formation until landing.

You can Sign up for the competition Here:

(More spaces can be added if needed)

The 3 Judges are:

  1. @Gliding_Central

  2. @anon70624511

  3. @Balloonchaser

Sign up here to the fly-in:

  1. @Sebastian9915 CYYC-KLAX ACVA243 A321

  2. @PilotCorey KSFO-KLAX UAL360 A320

  3. @Calib_Wilson KOAK-KLAX FedEx 6534 777-200F

  4. @Plane-Train-TV KBWI-KLAX Southwest 1719/WN 1719 737-700

  5. @Pingu KEWR-KLAX UAL1737 757-200

If more spaces are needed 40-69 more spaces are avalible.

We hope that you are able to join us, so if you are coming how excited are you for this event:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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KLAX Airport Diagram:

More of the Beautiful landscapes and sites you can see:


Our Team:

  1. Event manager’s are: @Cjthew91 and @Gliding_Central

  2. Our Helpful Judges: @Gliding_Central, @anon70624511 and @Balloonchaser!

  3. Support Team: @Cjthew91 and [Position is currently pending]

  4. Air traffic control: [Position is currently pending]

Want to be apart of the team?

Contact: @Cjthew91 OR @Gliding_Central If you would like some more information and if you would like to be apart of the team. We are also able to answer your questions and concerns you may have.


if you wanted the whole community there you should of done it on casual or TS1, I am sick and tired of expert server events, we need more TS1 events for the community members that don’t have the time to work hard for expert (even though they fly like its real life)


Yes we do, but people on casual or TS1 simply don’t follow rules and regulations (I know this isn’t true or everyone)

Well you literally have 28 days to get ranked up so if you wanna join then get landing!

In regards to what you are saying I would recommend you tell your problems to the support staff:

I get your frustration. But in all honesty casual and training server just don’t follow rules. And for that reason we can’t have people staying on the runway during an even like this.

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Are you thinking of joining @PilotCorey

Indeed I am. So what info do I need to give.

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Wait a sec,lemme edit it

Done, check point 6 on about the event

@PilotCorey ^^^^^^^^^^^

Sign me up, thanks 🙌🏼



Brilliant to have you onboard! I will make sure you get signed up.


Added you! Welcome on board @Sebastian9915

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One question what runway do we land on? Any specific?

That will be decided on the day, we’ll have one half of the airport doing the competition and the other half doing the fly-in @PilotCorey

Ok thanks I just wasn’t sure

Please do come down and sign up! It will be a blast!

KOAK - KLAX FedEx 6534 77F

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I will make sure that you will be added to the list!