Butter Tips?

Hey! So I’m doing touch and goes and landings on Solid and I just can’t seem to find the right butter technique that suits me! Does anyone have any tips on how to butter? What aircraft, speed etc etc? Any help would me much appreciated

Well, what aircraft are you using, first?

Personally, I think heavies are the easiest to butter.

Check the #tutorials category for tips!


Yes, I totally agree! My butter machines are the 787 and the A333

And, I’m about to land in the Dash 8, and I’m good at that

Start the flare early and make sure you are at the correct altitude on the localizer. It also completely depends on the plane you are flying


My problem is the flare itself. I can flare, but I just doesn’t make a difference, and I still slam into the ground, because I don’t have enough time to slow the descent

Lots of practice and time. It has taken me lots of time to perfect my landings. Watch this video here and hopefully it’ll help!

Also, you also need to have a good decent rate and speed upon touchdown.

One more thing, make sure to use a tiny bit of trim, it will help you ease into the flare and butter your landing :)


When flare you pull throttle back, 10 feet from ground put some power in the engines then reverse thrusters when you land


I apologize but I think you might’ve stumbled across the wrong forum here. This is the Infinite Flight Community. Not a cooking forum. Given that planes use grease, “Greaser Tips” would be more appropriate. Planes and butter have nothing in common. Sorry… 😐


Title Fixed, now you may give him “Greaser” advise ;)


Kissing tips maybe?

Kiss landing is the used term in French, go figure why…


If you’re using the HUD then all you really have to do is point the FPV at the horizon when flaring.

I was going to help you, but I don’t know how to “grease”. Only butter.

Ah, what the heck. Here is how to butter all your landings (in a 737, for my example).

Fly your approach as normal. Try to stay on perfect glide slope as much as possible. When you get to the runway, these are the specific steps you have to take:

1). At 30 feet, reduce throttle to idle.
2). At 20 feet, begin your flare. You’ve got to learn the balance between too hard and way too soft for the perfect landing.

Now, the specific altitudes that you cut your throttle and begin your flare vary from aircraft to aircraft. I would go on Solo and practice each plane and find those specifics.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your advice! Much appreciated!


You can also use the outside view to view your flare angle.

How do you butter the 717. It is soo hard for me to land because i am either going too fast or too slow. What is landing speed? Flap 30 or 40?

The 717 is currently unable to be buttered as the physics are terrible on it. Hopefully in the future it will be reworked :)

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Ahahaha. Thanms @Speedyyy

I finally understood the meaning behind the name of Land O Lakes butter.

Landing On Lakes results in buttery landings.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for violations that you receive when you try landing on a lake. Greasing your landings on runways are better than buttering them. No such thing as a “buttery landing”.

Greasers brah! 😁