Butter the queen

A little practice with the queen


Nice pictures but don’t forget to give information about the flight

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It was on solo

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Yeah but still you could a few bits of info

Like flight time and what flight you were doing (if you were doing) or airport is in background
It says on the template


Ok I see what u mean now I will do that next time thanks

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I think the proper term for this would be Grease


If I were you I’d do it now to avoid the high chance of this topic getting closed.

Finally! Someone says Butter, thank you!

Indeed, butter is the right term in my opinion.

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@Infinite_Flight_Sims There is a chance that he just spawned on the approach spawn point so you don’t have to do a useless little 5 minute takeoff from a small airport that wouldn’t even suit the 747, at least that’s what I do, of course, he could have done a small “flight”.

@den.aviation u are totally correct bro

@Daniel_Olivis1 nice pics bro

I’ve never heard anyone use the term “grease” outside of this website/forum xD.

Not sure I see the resemblance

Alright, y’all need to come in France and butter a real bread, a baguette. Then you will understand why we say “butter the bread”

Nice pictures!!