BUTTER or no?

this is by far my best landing I have ever made.
what do you guys think?


thanks for reading :)


How much feet per muinite?


i have no idea.

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Looks pretty much perfect! A little floaty if I had to say something, but that is very common for the A330. The Challenger is even more of a floater in my opinion! 👀


Nice, I did that same exact landing at Lisbon

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Looks a little fast, but the execution of the landing overall is awesome. Nice flare! 😃 👌🏼

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Perfect landing!

really great! nice job!!

Looks pretty good! 9.5/10! A bit late.

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Nice Landing, impressive for a mobile controller! 9/10 , a bit too late

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Perfect bro!

I approve.

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Butter. 1000percent

Goldy Locks on that flight: “Ahh, this landing is just right…”

Epic landing! People who think that it was late or off-center can suck it! If it’s a landing where you can walk away from and the aircraft can still fly is a perfect landing!


Exactly. He wasn’t going for a textbook landing on the markers— he was going for as smooth as possible.

i was going for both, but i wasn’t that late anyway,

It’s alright… 8/10

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Makes sense. Nothing pleases you lol

No one could have said any better 😉