Butter machines from KLAX (LAX) to KLAS (LAS)

Me and ma boi @OregonAviaton flew the HiFly a339neo from KLAX-KLAS. (I was flying the Raiders and he was flying the Rams.)

We got that parallel takeoff on 25R + L.

View of @OregonAviaton from my cockpit.

My landing 🧈 🧈

@OregonAviaton landing 🧈 🧈

All shut down and parked at my little parking spot.

Thanks for spending your time looking at my mid pictures!


Also thank you to @icytwist for controlling at LAX.

@Oregon001 That was a blast! Thank you so much for posting those picks. And… for the fully controlled airspace at LAX. Keep Buttering it!

I hope you enjoy the parallel takeoff, talking about something fancy but would get me fired in reality😂

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Oh yeah it was great thanks for that. Probably not the most realistic of things but it was pretty cool

Nice pics! Love the 🧈

Nice photos! Who won between the Raiders and Rams?

Also, just keep in mind when you posting to not include the player name in photos. Great photos though!

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Sorry I didn’t use the screenshot feature through the replay I just screenshot them so it wouldn’t have the box in the corner. Also the rams won :)

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Y’all buttered my bread and thank you for that butter on my bread

Didnt know that Hifly does that flight
But nice shots

I doubt they do but we just wanted to fly the neo so we did

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