Butter Landing

What is the easiest plane to butter? I want to try and get less than -50fpm. also, any tips?

A320 family is perfect for this


okay I will give it a try

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A330 definitely :)


I’ve found the E175 to be pretty easy to get a nice clean butter

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JK, what United403 said

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lmaoo I cant even land it without stalling lol

Id definitely say A330-900neo

Have you tried practicing in solo mode, selecting the short final function? It has you lined up for landing and allows you to just concentrate on practicing the flare over and over again.

Just keep hitting “short final” when you need to restart (it remembers your last throttle setting).

Highly recommended. By doing this practice, the actual aircraft becomes less important for getting low VS.


E-190. Just don’t hold the nosse up too much after the main landing gears have touched down.

A220s are pretty good for buttering! I also would suggest the Boeing 777-200. Enjoy!

Also, see:

How to land in touchdown zone with a vs of -100 or less

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787 is underrated

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Yea i do this all the time i just cant seem to get any lower than -120fpm but thank for the tip

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yea I really like the way it flies i think its underrated too but i just wish it had a live cockpit

A330 definitely

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Maybe the 757?

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or mabe the 777

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