Butter landing in the XCub

The XCub is arguably one of the most difficult aircraft to land in infinite flight, so I decided to challenge myself by making the smoothest landing possible. Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long before I achieved this beautiful butter landing 😏

Expert server at CAK3, on final runway 25


(Side note: Since my parents don’t want me to have a YouTube account I had to upload it as a GIF which makes it lower quality 🙁)


Wait, how? I’m jealous. But seriously, great job and also I love the fences there. It’s awesome

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Seriously tho nice job


Thank you 😆

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Nicely done!

A once in a million year event! Great landing though!

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Wow…That’s really some butter right there! Especially with the Xcub!!! :)

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strait up, butter

Nailed it

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Wow nice!!

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