Butter landing didn’t record!

Just perfected my landings and I was trying to watch the butter in the replays but for some reason, infiniteflight doesn’t get to record them some times 😞

This would happen if your connection is unstable during the period of touchdown.

Oh it was so sad, now I have to go again lol!

Are youbout of storage in the device?

No I’m not, someone said it could be an internet connection thing, that’s sad though

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I would recommend putting this into support category FYI

When you say it didn’t record, does the flight show up at all in the replays? Or is it just the landing portion?

Wait do you mean you can’t screen record it or that it didn’t record the landing in the replay itself?

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that! If you mean the landing wasn’t recorded and put towards your grade, for a landing to be counted, the main gear of the aircraft must fully touch the ground for a few seconds. If you’re meaning that the replay didn’t save, please check that you have enough storage left on your device. An internet connection isn’t required to save replays, so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Hope this helps!

Hi Kai!,

Some of my flights didn’t get recorded as well but I found out that the storage on my device was so full that it couldn’t save any more flights. So after deleting a ton of long haul flights, it worked again. If I’m reading and understanding this correctly, he has a problem with the replays right? Maybe delete some replays like I did and see what happens. A saved flight doesn’t take that much of space but if your device is full, you’re in trouble.

Yeah this is the case, so I had a flight, and the only part that got recorded was the “taxiing to runway”. I didn’t even get to takeoff or landing

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