Butter in a350

I made the butteryist landing so far
Solo, egll-egll, a359 (generic)


🤩🤩🧈🧈🧈 very good landing

Good landing but very LATE


Yes, thanks for the feedback! Im note very good with landings

It’s on solo, he can do stunt into the terminal if he want. I think the landing is good but yes it’s late

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Do not flex on us

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Yes, it was very late!

Ok sorry, i wont!

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You buttered the touchdown and promptly smashed the nose gear…what was that for

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Im learning ok! Im sorry!

Me too. I always flare too much and my plane starts rising again. Other times the landing is hard. That’s a better landing than I could do.

On a separate note, have you ever heard of the YouTuber swiss001? He has a hashtag on YouTube called #swiss001 landing, where he has people upload their videos of them landing and he reviews them in a video. You should post that video with that landing hashtag so he will see it and possibly end up in one of his videos.

I think i might do that! I love Swiss001!

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That was on a server, i can see the player dots in the back!

But @Hector_Wilson, Maybe don’t bounce on the nose gear, but none the less a beautiful landing!

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I hope to see it in a future video of his. I subscribed to you so I will give it a thumbs up to boost the thumbs up count for when it is in his video

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On a similar note, when you export a saved replay, it exports as a .replay file. Does anybody know of any apps available on the Google Play Store that can play a video like that?

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Those were probably airport markers!

where? I have seen the video a lot of times but I don’t see any other aircraft

I did an apple screen record!

Oh it is i never knew you could do that.


Jk, excellent landing! Certainly a bit late but one of the smoothest landings I’ve ever seen!