Butter/Grease? Or Ryanair?

I Like Your Landing. It Was Good, But I’m Gonna Be 100% Strictly Honest As Always!


By Butter if you mean that you were upon touching down, slipping and sliding across the runway… then my answer is No. Not a Butter.


By Grease if you mean that you laid it down like a A330 on a glossy ice… then my answer is No. Not a Grease.


By Ryan… I’m sorry but if your landing was Ryanair, it’d he a compliment to the stereotype of what kind of landings they are known for… So, No Ryanair.


Yes, it was smooth! I believe, without knowing what your V/S was during touchdown, that this landing would feel like the gear got a strong and firm grip of the runway, a minor bump, but in the sense that you have really set down on the ground but smooth. A textbook, everyday typical landing that was very finely executed. Well Done 👍

Final Rating/Score: 6.4/10

I would say that this is indeed a great landing, and even I myself do not rate my landings a 8, 9, or 10 because it was smooth. As long as you try to perfect your landings and your passengers arrive safely, it’s a landing considered great.


For argument’s sake why is it called grease instead of butter? When you grab your knife and pick up some butter, and spread it across our toasted bread, that smooth motion of the knife is exactly what our friend @anon41771314 just managed. What is it with this grease? Are we frying the tires???



Don’t get the wrong impression here. It’s just a popular forum gag, purely for laughs. I do not intend to influence a change of opinion.


Great landing, was it with cross wind??

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