Butter compeition NOW

Hey everyone! I organise right now an butter competition. do you want to join it. Please spawn with an a330-neo at gran canaria training server. we will start within 30 minutes. at 20:45 UTC+1 timezone.

Come now! And maybe you win!


I will come

See you there!

Can I use another plane? I’m not the best “lander” the 330

no! haha. you must try it

oh no I have spawn on expert 🤦‍♂️

@Dan did a beautiful landing 🤩

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yeah i saw

I’m here, let’s get our butter on!

Today marks one year of IFC for me, exiting day!

Nah I don’t deserve win

Cmon that was smooth

I will give my first landing 8 and the second 3

I’ve been clapping my way down so to me the first was a 9 and the second a 7

I’d give both of mine 2s

What was your callsing

Call sign CS-TKY


I’m looking to fly right now from OMDB to OTHH in the Qatar A350 if you’re interested to join. 30-50 min flight. Nice scenery. I forgot to mention that it’s expert server not training.

Nah bro I didnt find your callsing

Whend its starts???