Butter At Tulsa

OH `yussssssss

My smoothest landing was -19fpm on a 757-200 (new) in skiathos when the weather was wow!

That’s nice ! Landing with this is pretty hard tho, well done :p

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Airbus may called you “Retard” 10 times

nice vid great landing

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Oh I might have to enter the competition…

Wow what about an A380 butter or an A320?

I’ll try but, no promises.

weaklings, you can’t compare!!!

Here is my attempt at a CRJ landing 👀


i wanna see the replay bar on that, because you could’ve just already touched down and that photo is after the landing

Is that denpasar/bali airport?

No. That was at Honolulu Intl. Airport (PHNL)

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-29FPM on a Mesa CRJ-900.


I have buttered almost all Airbus and 50% boeing aircrafts

that was butter goodness.

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Here, here’s another landing I did recently with the bar

Amazing, so clean !

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How am I doing this

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