Butter anyone?

Anyone in need of some butter for their bread, cause if so, I come some right here.

Japan Air flight 29 in the Boeing 787-9 from Tokyo-Haneda landing at Hong Kong International with a butter -29 feet per minute touchdown.

Aer Lingus flight 136 from Boston gliding in at a smooth -68 feet per minute at Dublin (Obviously in the buttering machine known as the A330-300)


I prefer grease

Jk but the fact you can see the smoothness out of these pictures shows how good the landing was


How do you that?My minimum V/S is about 50ft/min in A330.

Practice. And luck. I wasn’t having much crosswind all it was pretty easy

100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 butterrrrrrrr🧈


787-9>A330 in my opinon.

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100, 50, 30, 10
my landings¯_(ツ)_/¯


There are both loved equally by me :)

However, 787 has better wingflex while A330 has better tilted gear

There is one difference. 787 is more efficient.

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Wow, nice, do you land in cockpit view or HUD? also nice first livery 😏

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Is there an app for figuring out your FPM?

i do love some good butter!

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BUTTER. Those are some fine landings right there.

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Sure is, IFOperations

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thanks @YC-International , @MR.FOXY09 and @EAviation . I do land with HUD, but no cockpit view. I do sometimes land in cockpit view but for the A330 and B787, I do not

And I use IFOperations like EAviation said @Xx_THE_MAN_xX


I also use HUD view for my landings

Nice pics, Airbus pics >>

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