But is it really clear for takeoff?

Awaiting departure from KLAX during some pretty heavy traffic, along with an Air China flight. Wish I could’ve sent him a message that I double dared him to follow ATC’s instructions on that takeoff clearance.


Here the person that announces takeoff first goes first. If he’s not going just go ahead with when u can.

Well it’s TS apparently. Not much you can do here. Besides, I would’ve held short until the one on final was exiting the runway.

Also, you’re the only one waiting on these two… Don’t know what you mean by “pretty heavy traffic.”

Lol no, I just put this up because I was laughing when ATC told him he was clear for takeoff, and I saw one on final. They were getting overwhelmed and just telling planes to take off, etc. He was next to depart anyway, so I was in no rush. Just watching and listening.

Why wait for the runway to be clear when you can take off on a taxiway? I don’t see a difference 🙃

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