Busy Tegel arrival

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Traffic alert - @Krypton in a 787 passing below, a Eurowings A319 at 12 o’clock, @Ecoops123 at 2 o’clock operating RYR145

Turning 4 miles behind @Ecoops123 following the VIBIS arrival

Touchdown at a busy Tegel


Nice spot and shot!

I was having trouble tuning into Approach, so managed to not get ghosted by staying at a steady 14,000ft into Schonefeld. 😜

Nice, spot. I was on a Scoot B789 doing WSSS-EDDT

I got bounced between 2 or 3 approach frequencies a couples times before receiving a vector. Meanwhile, I kept flying the published arrival hoping for the best. Aviate, navigate, communicate!

Tegel was so busy that I arrived 2 hours late😅

Nice pictures :)

Nice pics, you must’ve been landing when I was nearby (I was flying a Delta 767-300).

Ended up going to Schonefeld because it was so busy. You got more lucky and managed to get into Tegel!

@Ecoops123, did you break the 737?

It was the opposite of busy over at Tempelhof, there was maybe 5 planes. But I’m not arguing with that, great to see people at my favorite historical and my favorite German Airport, Tempelhof.

Nice photos there as well, @CptCali!

Not too badly

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