Busy routes, busy times!

Some flights I performed during the week! More to come!

1: WSSS-VHHH, Singapore A330-300. (Photo taken @ WSSS)

2: PANC-KORD, Etihad Cargo 777-200F (Photo taken @ PANC)

3: LEMD-KORD, Iberia A350-900. (Photo taken @ LEMD)

I love fitting lots of planes in my shots as evidenced by the 1st and 3rd pic! Photos taken on the expert server and edited by Lightroom!


A bit of a close call on the 2nd photo 😬


Wow, awesome shots! I loved all the colours of the liveries, and I like your idea of putting multiple flight in one topic, well done!

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Nah. That’s just the perspective giving that illusion!

Great photos!

Looks like you did realism at PANC. Very very very noice 👌

Ahh, good ol O’Hare! Those are some nice pictures I’m sad you didn’t have one at KORD :( I’m joking it’s okay 😂.But you chose some nice routes.

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