Busy Mumbai

Hey guys just recently finished my flight from Bangkok to Mumbai in the Vistara 787-9. Today I have almost experienced a mid air collision and running out of fuel due to the multiple go arounds lol. Here are some nights photos that I have taken.

Almost a mid air collision.

Busy Mumbai.

Very poor visibility at Mumbai Intl.


You expected Mumbai in real life to be clear?

No, I have experienced poor visibility at Mumbai before. This is nothing but a normal approach for me lol.

Hey, Air India 441 is me!

Almost had a mid-air collision myself (it got real close when we were both turning right before this):

Yeah, I had to take action quickly because ATC didn’t realised at first.

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I decided to just speed past the guy (he was Dynasty 825)—held at 348 AS at 10,200 until I got far enough ahead of him. Then I slowed down to 250kts and descended to 8,000. Good thing I did what I did since Dynasty 825 had to execute missed approach and go to the end of the queue like you did lol

Actually i had good spacing it is just that they were multiple aircrafts that were ahead didn’t have as much spacing that’s why I had to keep going around. And then when I was about to land ATC decided to line up an Aircraft onto runway 27 and I had to go around again lol.

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Every single time I land into a busy runway ATC clears somebody for take-off when I’m like 15 seconds away from landing. It’s always super nerve-racking…like the guy taking-off’s wheels leave the ground just as I’m about to touch the ground

Hey, sorry to ruin the vibe here, but the photos do not follow the #screenshots-and-videos category rules.

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No worries @Ryman, just want to share my experiences in high volume traffic lol.

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