Busy Miami-Queen City

Hello IFC! I’m back again with some more photos for y’all. My VA decided to do a fun little event today and it made a great for some pictures. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: American Airlines B737-800
Flight time: 1hr 37mins
Server: Expert

Lots of traffic today as we hold short.

Beautiful takeoff from runway 8R as a Delta A321 waits to cross

The beautiful waters of Florida

Brunswick, Georgia

Beginning our decent into Charlotte

On final for runway 18R

Welcome to windy Charlotte!


Well hello and welcome to Charlotte, thanks for visiting!
Take a postcard to remember your stay!

Anyway, nice photos there, looks like a buttery landing.

You do know a lot about that don’t you? :)


About what, Charlotte? Yes I do.

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Buttery landings, that is what I meant ;)


Ah yes. I do know about butter landings as well, seen as my username is @Butter_Boi.


Can I ask about the floating A350 in the first photo?

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Well thank you for the post card! And to be honest, my landing was not buttery 😂

I got no idea 😂

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Lol yea it was a lot of fun flying nice landing too 👍

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Thanks! :)

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Nice photos! That looks like it would’ve been a busy flight

It sure was a very nice flight! Nice Photos!

Nice photos, but the A350 and 737 in the back are really floating lol