Busy los angeles to new 3d kastrup/Copenhagen

Today I took a nice flight from LAX to EKCH!
Flight time: 11:35 Server: Training


Leaving (as usual) busy LAX

Turning on fix

Cruising at 37000 with the famous orange/red SAS engine

On final approach to Copenhagen!


Parked at gate while a easyJet a320 getting ready to leave

Hope you enjoyed!
Next week I’m doing mumbai to london! So stay tuned!


love the wing view woww <33

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Thanks! I tried my best to get these good pics

If anyone was wondering where the easyJet was its right there

Really excited for that one,my most flown routes! 👀

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Yes I know you will

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wow, nice! It’s nice to see Kastrup as 3D!

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Yea it has a pretty nice scenery there