Busy @KLAX Airport

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This was probably the most busiest moment that I ever had in my IF carrer.

Photo was taken on casual server at about 1800 Zulu Time at KLAX Airport

Whoa, busy…*


And why is there a Ryanair in the USA?

Did the realism God just die?

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Probably @SpeedPlayz

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That’s not me…

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It never existed on Casual or TS1.

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Well, that’s bad…

By the way, I am the C-17 Globemaster

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Since this is on Casual Server, I am astonished at the courtesy being shown in that photo:

No one is taxiing through each other.
Only one person is on the runway.

Everyone is being patient…good job guys


I know right? It must he rare…

just don’t care about it…
there were always wizz and easyjet at heathrow